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Kееp&Mind – スマートヘルパー – HITRA LTD

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HITRA LTD - Kееp&Mind - スマートヘルパー アートワーク Kееp&Mind - スマートヘルパー
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
リリース日: 2021年8月4日

Keep&Mind is a perfect solution for resourceful people with fertile imagination and lots of new ideas! If you are the one, who wishes to become more productive and remember everything, then this application is just for you. It provides you with plenty of useful tools to create understandable and unique mind maps.

Moreover, we tried to make the usage convenient enough for everyone. Thus, we added many helpful options to improve the effectiveness of Keep&Mind and make it easy to navigate. In case you are going to have a brainstorm and wish to be fully prepared, then this smart app will definitely help you! You won’t miss any idea! The template represents all the conjunctions and dependencies between thoughts in a simple format. All the required features are present, so there is no need to care. Just relax and enjoy productive brainstorms!

Why should you choose this mind mapping application?
You can create as many mind maps and diagrams as needed. By the way, there are lots of templates available.
All the elements and dependencies look well-organized, so you won’t be misled. It’s impossible to miss a thought - just follow the thread!
The created mind maps may be downloaded and kept on the device. The user is free to choose the most appropriate format (PDF, PNG, JPEG).
Total customization! You can change colors of any objects you see: threads, text, objects and so on. The same goes for the fonts. We provide you with all the tools for creating an ideal mind map!
If you need to share an idea or the whole graphical diagram with colleagues or friends, then just choose the most preferable channel from the list! All the templates may be shared in a few taps!
Keep&Mind lets you add photos from the gallery, placing them exactly on the template. The procedure is simple enough, so you won’t face any problems or errors.
Understandable interface is one of the most important features of a worthy mind mapping program. All the threads and dependencies should be found immediately, thus we tried to make this complicated process simple enough for everyone.
One more benefit - the app supports multi-touch, so you can zoom the template or replace its elements at ease!
If you wish to keep the ideas away from prying eyes, then just set a strong password. Keep&Mind lets you lock the application, so nobody will gain access to your secret templates.

Keep&Mind is your must-have helper for every brainstorm!