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ClеvеrFoldеrs – Bеst Organizеr – CENZA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED

10月 25, 2020 | コメントは受け付けていません。

CENZA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED - ClеvеrFoldеrs - Bеst Organizеr アートワーク ClеvеrFoldеrs - Bеst Organizеr
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
リリース日: 2020年9月4日

In case you want to make your storage unique and attractive, then you are welcome to try our super app - Clever Folders. It lets you organize all the icons in several taps and provides with a sample of your future ideal result! You just need to replace the icons manually according to the example you got to make your home screen look gorgeous!

Why is it needed to organize a storage by colors? The answer is simple! By using Clever Folders, you will get an example of the most stylish look of your home screen, which may be applied manually at any moment afterward. This will make your menu look well-organized and pleasant for perception. All the icons will be placed by colors, so your storage won’t look messy. You will be able to find a necessary app in a second!

We prepared a small list of the app’s benefits, which will definitely convince you!
Your device’s storage won’t seem to be overloaded, as all the icons will be sorted by colors, so the design will be quite laconic.
It’s possible to make your storage more attractive and unique. Are you ready to make your friends feel envious?
Our app doesn’t require many permissions for proper work, as it isn’t allowed to replace icons or deal with your storage in any way.
Program works absolutely correctly, so the user won’t face any bugs or mistakes.
Using Clever Folders doesn’t require any extra knowledge, as you will be provided with a simple and intuitively understandable instruction.
The whole process may be performed in several steps, so it won’t take long.
You will be definitely pleased with the result, as it’s true aesthetic enjoyment to see such a beauty!
Nothing will be replaced without your permission, as it’s impossible for our app to deal with your menu or apply any changes.
The interface of Clever Folders is basic, thus you won’t face any difficulties while following the steps. Everything is simple to be performed!
You can create an unlimited amount of samples and choose the best one afterward.

This app helps to organize the storage the way you like, so nobody will be able to repeat the design. In case you want to make all the friends feel envious, then Clever Folders will help you! We tried to create a simple app, which will be appropriate for all types of users. Thus, nobody will face problems while using this program.

In case you wish to make your home screen look gorgeous and well-organized, then hurry up to try Clever Folders! We are sure that this app will help you!