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Luma AI – Luma AI, Inc.

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Luma AI, Inc. - Luma AI アートワーク Luma AI
Luma AI, Inc.
ジャンル: 写真/ビデオ
リリース日: 2022年11月14日

Show your world in spectacular quality 3D, and share anywhere on the web. Brought to you by Luma AI.

Luma is a new way to create incredible lifelike 3D with AI using your iPhone. Easily capture products, objects, landscapes, moments and scenes wherever you are. Share these fast spectacular scenes with anyone and anywhere on the web. Create cinematic product videos, impossible camera moves for TikTok.

No Lidar or fancy capture equipment necessary, all you need to create is an iPhone 11 or newer.

- Capture 3D scenes with intricate details, reflections, and lighting and share with everyone. Bring people where you are!
- Capture products in 3D and embed them on your website exactly how they appear in real life. No more "fake 3D".
- Capture 3D mesh game assets in unmatched quality and bring them to Blender, Unity or your 3D engine of choice.
- Export lifelike NeRFs and Gaussian Splats to Unreal, Unity, and other supported tools.

We are excited to see what you create with this brand new AI medium! If you find Luma useful, fun, or interesting, or need help please join us on Luma's Discord: When you share, please tag us on Twitter (@LumaLabsAI), LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok.

Please Note: while Luma's 3D Viewing and Video Uploads will work on iPhone X + XR, AR Capture requires an iPhone 11 or newer.

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