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WеllnеssBlоb – Bеst Sоlutiоn – HOTHANTOS LTD

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HOTHANTOS LTD - WеllnеssBlоb - Bеst Sоlutiоn アートワーク WеllnеssBlоb - Bеst Sоlutiоn
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
リリース日: 2020年11月21日

WellnessBlob is the only app you need to control daily water consuming. We all know that pure water is much healthier for our body and brain than anything else. Coaches all over the world are permanently talking about such a magic wand, which can affect your nails, hair, skin color and health itself. In addition, drinking water is an important part of weight loss, so if you want to keep fit, then this app will help you control the amount of water you drink daily. If you desire to make this habit stick forever, then you should definitely try our new app!

Why is our super app so helpful? We have prepared a short list of benefits!
WellnessBlob includes all the required tools to make the process more pleasant and almost unnoticeable.
There is a correctly-working reminder added. We strived to make it as simple to be set as possible, so you will experience absolutely no difficulties.
Our app creates your individual water drinking schedule according to anthropometric data you provide it with. Just enter your age, sex, height and weight to get the result right away!
The drink doesn’t matter! You may add anything you prefer - tea/coffee/juice of different portions and capacity. This may be a cup of green tea or a bottle of pure water.
We know that you need to view the understandable and simply-organized statistics, thus we made it even better!
The interface of WellnessBlob and is indeed basic, as we added only important menu categories and buttons. There is no chance for you to be misled by our app.
The reminder may be set in a minute! The number of repetitions isn’t limited either.

Why should you use WellnessBlob to solve a problem of daily water drinking?

This is quite difficult to force yourself drinking enough water during the day, as everyone always finds lots of reasons and excuses for not doing this. Some people say that water is just unsavory, the others think that this is impossible to remember everything. The thing is that all of us can’t force ourselves without the strong will or motivation. If you want to stick to any habit, then you are recommended repeating the action regularly to make your brain relax and accept the situation. This is why regular drinking seems to be a huge disaster for many people. We decided to help everyone by creating a smart app that is meant to make water consuming an inalienable part of your life! By using it, you can control the progress and take measures in time!