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Mоmеnttоn – Fаst&Еаsy Trаckеr – METANIL LTD

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METANIL LTD - Mоmеnttоn - Fаst&Еаsy Trаckеr アートワーク Mоmеnttоn - Fаst&Еаsy Trаckеr
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
リリース日: 2020年11月10日

Momentton is an effective and flawless interval timer for workouts. In case you are fed up with complicated timers that don’t look simple and work with errors, then we recommend trying out our new app! Momentton includes all the required features, so you won’t need to launch any other programs during trainings. By the way, the app we developed works in the background, so using it won’t be an obstacle - you can turn on music or watch videos of coaches doing the same exercises. Are you ready to improve personal workouts?

Interval trainings may be much more pleasant! Just optimize them using our multi-functional timer.
Our app provides you not only with a simple interval timer, but also with a countdown one. Just choose the most appropriate variant according to a situation.
Stopwatch will help you to note the time for each action. If you want to track how long you can do the plank or any other exercises, then just launch this simple stopwatch!
Momentton works fully in the background, so you can launch any other apps you wish, turn on music or watch videos.
If you need to set more than 1 timer at the same moment, this won’t be a problem either. You can start as many of them as needed.
Screen orientation may be also changed at any moment. No matter, which one you prefer the most, the app will work correctly either in a vertical or in a landscape mode.
In case you need to set a series of more than 3 timers (work/relax/work), then just enter a number and duration of repetitions. Done!
It is possible to save templates of timers you need to start regularly. This will quicken the process of timer setting and save time for the workout.
Don’t like the sound you hear after/before each repetition? Momentton lets you set the most preferable one. The volume may be regulated too.
Our push-notifications won’t annoy for sure! We promise to send only necessary ones.
Simpleness is one of the most important features of our app. Interval timer should be intuitively understandable and well-developed to be used without problems.

Momentton is the only app you need to exercise properly! We know for sure, that this is very annoying to spend much time trying to set a timer before the training. We decided to make this process as simple and rapid as possible for you to enjoy. There is no need to care about the timer, as it always works accurately. Just launch Momentton, set a new timer or choose from templates and enjoy your exercises!