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スイカコンビネーションゲーム – Brilliant Games

11月 08, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Brilliant Games - スイカコンビネーションゲーム アートワーク スイカコンビネーションゲーム
Brilliant Games
ジャンル: ゲーム
リリース日: 2021年2月5日

Super addictive puzzle game, merge watermelon!

Gameplay: Control the direction in which the fruits fall, so that two identical fruits collide and merge into a bigger one. The more you merge, the more points you get. And can challenge global players, there is a leaderboard display.

Note: Space is limited, please do not reach the danger line!

Game features
1. The combination of brainpower and skills, magic decompression, I can't stop!
2. Simple and easy to play: Just click to control the landing of the watermelon to merge the fruits together.

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