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EN- Official Light Stick – HYBE Co., Ltd

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HYBE Co., Ltd - EN- Official Light Stick アートワーク EN- Official Light Stick
HYBE Co., Ltd
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
リリース日: 2020年11月17日

Official mobile app of EN- OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK

[Key Features]

1. Smartphone Bluetooth Connection
After turning on the light stick, press the blue button for 2 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth function.
Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone, and bring the light stick close to the screen.
If you can't connect to Bluetooth, check if the GPS is turned on.

2. Concert mode
Enter your concert ticket information and pair your light stick. You can enjoy various stage effects during the concert. This menu will be enabled several days prior to a concert.

3. Self mode
After connecting your light stick with a smartphone, you can change the LED lighting color by selecting your preferred color from the app.

[Important Information]
- Before the concert, check your ticket information and register on your light stick through this app.
- Please enjoy the show from the same seat which is registered on your light stick. If you move to another seat, this may interfere with the proper operation of the “EN- Official Light Stick Wireless Control” feature.
- Please check the battery level before the show, to make sure the light stick does not shut off during the show.
- If you have trouble entering your seat information, you can ask for help from the support staff at the venue.

※ Required access permission
To use the app and the light stick, the following permissions are required:
- Device Storage: save QR code/ eat info etc.
- Phone: read phone status and identity
- Camera: take pictures of QR/barcode
- GPS: connect BLE
- BLE: connect light stick

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