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FаxIt – Eаsу аnd Sаfе Fаx – JINALUSS LTD

12月 26, 2020 | コメントは受け付けていません。

JINALUSS LTD - FаxIt - Eаsу аnd Sаfе Fаx アートワーク FаxIt - Eаsу аnd Sаfе Fаx
ジャンル: ビジネス
リリース日: 2020年10月23日

You can send and receive faxes in several seconds without a fax machine! If you don’t believe this, then just try our new app. FaxIt is a perfect analogue of a real device for iOS. You don’t need to go to a fax office or look for another solution of a problem. By installing this smart app, you will get a huge amount of tools for scanning and sending documents. By the way, this is not the full list of its features!

Main benefits of FaxIt include:
Sending a fax takes absolutely nothing and may be performed quickly. You don’t even need a fax machine.
There is no chance for you to miss anything, as this app will notify you about all the status changes right away. You will get a push-notification in case your fax is received.
It’s also possible to combine several documents in one fax.
Images may be not only scanned, but also uploaded from the gallery, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and other available sources.
Any fax may be previewed, so there is no risk to send a wrong or damaged document.
FaxIt is appropriate for documents of the most popular types. It supports PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, etc.
All the documents, which were sent, will be stored in a special folder, thus you won’t lose them. The archive may be viewed at any moment!
Your personal fax number may be set manually.
This app scans documents or images correctly, so you won’t need to perform the procedure several times, striving to achieve better results.
We created a simple and intuitively understandable interface, which is user-friendly for sure. You won’t face any problems or difficulties while using the app.
The design is stylish and laconic, so nothing will distract your attention.

Why is FaxIt so useful?

This app lets you scan any document and send it immediately, so there is no need to visit a fax office, wasting time and money. The interface we created is understandable and simple, so even a newbie won’t have any problems with our app. Faxes can be sent in several taps, so there is nothing to worry about. Nowadays sending and receiving faxes don’t require much knowledge or a special machine.

Furthermore, we added many cool tools, which are meant to make the usage more comfortable and pleasant. FaxIt is compatible with popular document types, thus you won’t need to convert a file before sending it. If you want to make the routine procedure of sending faxes simple and rapid, then we recommend you to install FaxIt! Just enjoy!